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Melissa Deally

Better Brain Health
Health & Life Coach
Melissa Deally is a registered Health Coach and Life Coach. Living in Whistler, British Columbia, with her husband and 2 daughters, she loves nothing more than to coach her clients to an understanding of how to optimize their health, whether as a process of prevention, or recovery from a diagnosis of a chronic illness, than can be healed, by understanding the role of nutrition, sleep, stress management and exercise. Of course, just because we know we should do something, doesn't mean we actually do it, for a myriad of psychological or emotional reasons. Melissa's coaching style looks at your whole being, body, mind and soul, using a completely non-judgemental, safe and understanding approach, combined with neurological re-patterning techniques, to help you get unstuck, or overcome whatever is stopping you, to help you move forward into a space of creating your optimal health with new learning and new tools to get you there. The accountability of a coach keeps you on track, where you might otherwise give up on yourself. When not working with clients, Melissa offers educational talks within her communities to help others understand they have options in their health journey. She also loves to travel, hike, ski, and geeks out on reading the latest research or listening to podcasts by functional medicine practitioners.

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melissadeally/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/betterbrainhealthcoach

My Faculty Sessions

Saturday, September 28

4:00pm PDT